Help me write a kids book that explains the digital age

So, I’m working on a new project. And I’d like your help with it.

A few years ago I wrote a fairly detailed history of the Internet’s development, from the earliest days of networking to the present. That book had hundreds of footnotes, involved reading hundreds of technical documents, and gave me an excuse to talk to the surviving fathers of the Internet.

Now I’m working on something a little different. It’s bigger, but simpler.

It’s a book for kids.
and I’d like your help to get it right. 

I’ve put a summary of the idea at the bottom of this post, and I’d like your help with a few questions to make sure I am on the right track. To make sure the idea doesn’t influence your responses please fill the survey first before jumping to the idea.

The idea 

I’m writing this for my own daughter. I want her to understand the ideas and inventions that shaped her world. I want her to have a framework of ideas that will help her grasp what might be coming next.

So, here is the idea in a nutshell. The story begins in 35,000 BC with a remarkable monkey bone. Cave men carved notches in to it to record numbers, and so far as we know that was the first time that humans tried to count things in their world.

From here the book leaps on to major advances in technology, thinking, and culture around the globe that made our digital age possible: the agricultural revolution and the first cities, the scientific revolution, the industrial revolution, and finally, the leaps of invention from the first mechanical computer (over a century and a half ago) to the modern Internet. The story ends with the 3D printer, the self driving car, and the emerging technologies of the near future.

Read more, and see the survey

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