Call for Civic Hackists!

There is a strong community element to the Political Reform Scorecard idea because the weighting of the importance of different areas of reform will – or should be – determined by crowd voting. Also, the ongoing tracking of implementation and performance will rely on a flow of government data. We’re looking to build a site to support this – in parallel to other angles we’re working to get the political science angle and funding (to pay for publicity). Can you think of civic hacktivists, people who would get fired up enough about Irish political reform to help us build the site?

This could be a wiki with voting options, or it could be some other type of platform, but what it has to be is ready soon! The plan of action is being discussed here

(see PDF of the Political Reform Scorecard Proposal)

More to follow on:, where the Political Reform Scorecard will be announced on 4 February, in advance of the Irish elections. To keep upto date follow @reformcard on twitter and keep an eye out for the #reformcard hashtag.

In the first stage of the project, leading up to the agreement of the programme for government 2011, you can get involved by emailing, joining us on Facebook or following us on Twitter.

—- Update – 5 February 2011 —–

callIn the second stage of the project we will be looking to build an online community of committed activists to help us weight priority areas for reform and to monitor ongoing implementation of relevant parts of the programme for government.

If you are interested in web development or statistics and data visualisation, join the conversation about this project on the Open Data Ireland group.

If you are a designer and want to help make this site and our materials look better, drop us a line.

We are looking for people and projects that could work with us on stage 2, gathering data about government performance on reform issues.


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