Call to bloggers: receive free copy and review my book!

Based on a tip from publishing guru Eoin Purcell, and following the clever example of Joe Konrath, I am soliciting reviews of A History of the Internet and the Digital Future from bloggers of all hues. A free copy of the book will be posted to you in return for a review (of more than 75 words). And I will of course link to your review from this page/site.

(email with details of your blog and postal address where the book can be sent to)

UPDATE: (17:21, 28 September 2010) So far Kevin Kelly (founder of Wired and former editor of the Whole Earth Catalogue), Cory Doctorow (of Boing Boing), Jeff Jarvis (Buzz Machine), Adam Elkus (Huffington Post and Rethinking Security), Kathryn Greenhill (Librarians Matter), Rick Shera (Law Geeknz), Tyler Cowan (Marginal Revolution), and George Murray (Book Ninja) have expressed interest.  Blogs like Marginal Revolution have approx 30k views per day, and Librarians Matter has 1,800 subscribers.

This is great! The problem is that my publisher has set aside 10 copies (ten) for me to send to bloggers, and in the absence of an e-version, because they hold the rights to that, I have to beg that prospective reviews contact the publishers directly (

13 thoughts on “Call to bloggers: receive free copy and review my book!

  1. John,

    From reading your previous writings I know this will be pretty much on the mark. Looking forward to reviewing it.



  2. Hi, I would love to review your book for the Norwegian market on our blog. I am one of the three partners at Sermo Consulting. We are professionals in digital communications.

    Kind regards,


    1. Hi Thomas, thank you! Could you let me know the address and give an indication of the following? As you see from the update above I have to go back to the publisher on a case by case basis to justify extra review copies. I’m eager to follow this up, so the more detail you can E-mail me at the better

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