Apple Marketing

I’m getting worried that Apple could sell me… to myself. Here’s how


Announcing the


from Apple.


What is it?

Well, it starts when you start wearing elegant white or charcoal clothing. Then you have a general feeling of aloofness and only partial compatibility with your fellow human beings.
You’ll quickly get used to admiring glances as you glide down the street.  At the same time, you should be very good at performing design and entertainment related tasks. You’re not necessarily good at games, but that’s ok.
Because you’re an Apple. And you’re better.

Think different. Make the choice to live a life less ordinary.

The iMe. “A whole new you” Shipping today.


This really could sell. Want proof? Go to and watch Steve Jobs pitch the 1984 Macintosh. Watch the entire video and ask yourself when you’ve finished whether you really could do without this wonder machine.

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