The past 2 years of digital speakers at the IIEA

It’s time to take stock. Here’s an idea of what we’ve been up to since 2008 at the Digital Future Group of the IIEA. In reverse chronological order…

Videos of some of the on-the-record pieces of these events are available at

Federico Etro, Professor at the University of Milan, speaking on “econometric proof of benefits of cloud computing”

Ray Nolan, serial entrepreneur, on “challenges for indigenous Irish companies”

Jan Muehfeit, CEO of Microsoft Europe, on “Microsoft’s future cloud strategy”

Alma Whitten, Google privacy expert, on “Google’s approach to privacy issues”

Michel Niebel, member of the ICANN GAC for the European Commission, on “the new governance of ICANN”

John Vassallo, Vice President, Microsoft, on “the green economy”

Stephen Banable, John Doherty & John Whelan, on “the new EU Telecommunications Package”

Lord Putnam, on “digital education”

Mark Little, new media news entrepreneur, on “the future of news”

Odile Quintin, Director General, European Commission DG Education and Culture, on “the future of innovation in Europe”

Paul Garner, British Telecom Customer Innovation Engagement Programme Director, on “open innovation”

Jon Snow, News Anchor, Channel 4, on “Channel 4 and new media”.

Colm Lyon, founder and CEO of Realex Payments, and Rob Corbet, Partner at Arthue Cox, on “the future of Internet payments”

Tim Wu, Professor at Columbia University Law School, on “Net Neutrality”

Gregor Bailar, former CIO at NASDAQ and MD at Citibank, on “How Technology Can Help Fight the Recession”

Liam O’Morain, Digital Enterprise Research Institute, on “the Semantic Web”

Sean Fee, CEO iFoods, on “startups and web 2.0”

Tom Raftery, consultant at Redmonk, on “smart grids and Electricity 2.0”

Joe Drumgoole, founder of, on “the environment for innovation and startups in Ireland”

David O’Meara, CEO of Havok, on “skills for digital competitiveness”

Bruce Schneier, security guru and Wired columnist, on “security & risk”

Viviane Reding, European Commissioner for Information Society & Media, on “Europe’s digital agenda”

Rick Boucher, US Congressman, on “Net Neutrality and Telecoms Regulation”

Triona Campbell, Campbell-Ryan Productions, on “the media revolution and the cross media program ‘Sophia’s Diary'”

Peter Fleischer, Chief Privacy Counsel, Google Inc., and Billy Hawkes, Data Protection Commissioner of Ireland, on “perspectives on privacy”

Hsinchun Chen, Director of the Articficial Intelligence Laboratory at the University of Arizona, on “data mining and online radicalisation”

Suzanne Dirks, Leader, IBM Institute for Business Value, on “the IBM/Economist E-readiness rankings”

Toomas Hendrik Ilves, President of Estonia, on “E-Governance and Innovation”

Jeremy Rifkin, founder of the Foundation on Economic Trends, on “the Third Industrial Revolution”

Jonathan Zittrain, founding member of the Berkman Centre for the Internet at Harvard Law School, on “digital property, privacy, and free speech on the Internet”

Martin Murphy, Managing Director of Hewlett-Packard Ireland, on “developing a knowledge-city region”

Larry Sanger, co-Founder of Wikipedia, on the “New Politics of Knowledge”

Fabio Colasanti, Director General, European Commission DG Information Society and Media, on “the reform of the EU regulatory frame work for electronic communications.”

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