update – a final (final) title for the new book…

UPDATE: After speaking with Reaktion Books about the title the final wording is


hitting the shelves of all good bookstores in the UK and US (and presumably Ireland too…) in SEPTEMBER 2010!

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The new book is now almost out of the copy editing stage, and its almost time to nail down a title. In a previous post I received plenty of responses to my call for guidance on how to name this book, and finally I think I have something that works.

THE GREAT ADJUSTMENT: a history of the Internet and its lessons for the future of business, politics, and society

This does not deliver the idea of the centrifugal trend, nor does it hint at any of the other big ideas contained in the book, but it has the merit of being simple. Unless you disagree (comment below)…

(see posts on the book here)

9 thoughts on “update – a final (final) title for the new book…

  1. I thought that was just your working title??
    The Great Adjustment is far better, has a lot more *pop* to it.
    I’d buy it.

  2. Looking forward to September 2010. I think it’s a very good title, especially from a sales perspective; as much as I like centrifuges (and you know I do, Johnny), I think I’d rather read about the internet and the digital future.

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