Violent radical content on the Internet – first outputs of IIEA study

As part of the IIEA study on non-legislative measures to prevent the dissemination of violent radical material on the Internet for the European Commission, the following outputs were released in December 2009:

  1. Request For Comments document: An initial overview of the legal environment regulating child abuse, hatred and racism, copyright infringement, and terrorist content on the Internet by Oisin Suttle. (PDF)
  2. Request For Comments document: An  initial overview of measures against illegal content on the Internet in all 27 EU Member States by Johnny Ryan, Caitriona Heinl, Oisin Suttle, Gilbert Ramsay, Tim Stevens. (html)

These are initial draft documents intended to be refined with the benefit of comments from interested parties. Any feedback or comments on the substance of these documents would be welcome.

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