IIEA needs an intern (Digital Future)



Job spec: RESEARCH intern on The Digital Future

Payment: unpaid – opportunity to compete for paid position may arise


Interns may (subject to performance and to funding conditions within the Institute) have the opportunity to progress to junior researcher status within the Institute and may have opportunities to pursue funding for dedicated projects. An internship at the Institute will give a young professional or recent graduate the opportunity to meet world leaders and key stakeholders in their fields.

Our requirements (some combination of the following):

  • A knowledge of digital industries (what are the major trends in regulation, hardware, development, legislation, technology…).
  • Applicant is a self-starter with the ability to work under loose supervision.
  • A willingness to perform a range of tasks including assisting in the organization of events. The IIEA hosts about 113 events per year.
  • An understanding of the policy process at national and EU level (at a minimum, you will know how DG InfoSoc operates, and have ready-formed contacts with the main stakeholders in Ireland).
  • An interest in working with policymakers, trade unions, and media and technology leaders.
  • A familiarity with OSX a plus.
  • Proof of drafting skills (research thesis/reports/other examples) will be an important factor in the choice of candidate. Most of the research staff at the IIEA hold advanced degrees from top-tier research universities (the LSE, Cambridge, Sorbonne). It does not matter where or to what level you have studied, but you should be able to prove your research and writing ability.

If you are accepted for interview an awareness of the Institute’s work on this area will be essential. Review at http://www.iiea.com/themes/digital-future and also http://www.iiea.com/archive.

Please send your CV to johnny.ryan@iiea.com