Supporting new European data regulation

Unusually for an ad-tech company, PageFair supports the proposed ePrivacy Regulation. Here is why. [x_alert type="success"]Additional note (11 May 2017): our position concerns the proposal's impact on online behavioural advertising (OBA). Though there are kinks to work out, as we note in our recent statement to Parliament representatives, we strongly endorse the proposal's broad approach to OBA.[/x_alert]  The … Continue reading Supporting new European data regulation

European Commission proposal will kill 3rd party cookies

The 3rd-party cookie - the lifeblood of online advertising - may be about to die.  A proposal this month from the European Commission to reform the ePrivacy Directive (ePD) requires mandatory privacy options and educates users to distinguish between 1st and 3rd-parties in a way that will make 3rd-party cookies extinct. [prompt type="left" title="Access the GDPR/ePR repository" message="A repository … Continue reading European Commission proposal will kill 3rd party cookies

Ten Key Things That Happened in Q4

Amid the blizzard of press releases and conference tidbits concerning media, advertising, and adblocking, only some really matter. Here are the ten key things that happened in Q4. OCTOBER 1. US Department of Justice examines possible agency shenanigans.  It transpired that the US Department of Justice had launched an investigation into rigged bids that unfairly favored … Continue reading Ten Key Things That Happened in Q4